Raising our world into a golden era… one step at a time…

Our mission is to provide a loving space where you can grow into your total self. We know exactly what it’s like to be pulled toward something more than what we experience with our 5 physical senses. (Actually according to ancient indigenous Egyptian wisdom we are supposed to be using 360 senses!) For those who would rather spend their time being present in the moment and surrounded by the natural wonders of Creation, The Crystal Closet was born in 2010.

“The art of healing is about creating space for other people to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves.”—Rayna & Jorge, Owners

The Crystal Closet has seen 3 magical locations and grown in each step. We started in 2010 as a little booth, and then into a glittering closet-sized space in Sanford, FL in 2011. Six months later we were hosting too many gatherings for our closet, so we moved up the street still in Sanford. Then, things grew again in about a year and we were guided to Mount Dora into our present location. The Crystal Closet has finally settled in the enchantment of Mount Dora. We feel at home here and our guests feel the same. Once you step onto the grounds, which we have great plans for, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a sacred space, because you have done just that.

Rayna and Jorge, and now daughter Ariadne, have been blessed with a wonderful client-base of growing souls. A great portion of our Gift Shop Selection is handmade by us or by Artists and Lightworkers whom we agree embody the values and lifestyle of the Holistic way, or are somewhere on their path and doing well. We also carry the tried and true product lines one expects to find in a metaphyscial store. We have an aura of class and elegance, as we feel this mirrors the fine upper qualities of the Higher Realms. Our clients and customers can spend upwards of $45,000 on a single large or rare crystal specimen, or $6 on a fabulous crystal animal totem necklace. Regardless, every purchase is handled with the same compassion and respect for our customer.  Our clients love our knowledge, wisdom, care and attention that we offer when providing Readings, Energy Work or when making shopping suggestions.

Our approach to Wholeness is unique in that we go above and beyond what one would expect from a “new age” establishment. We are non-denominational. We are purely Spiritual Beings, yet fully experiencing a Human existence. We treat our sanctuary as a sacred space. We do not convert anyone to anything. We do not believe in the idea of conversion because each individual is on a different point on their own path, although we are all eventually headed the same direction. So, we prefer mutability over conversion. In otherwords, going with the flow. We understand that beliefs can become a prison in and of themselves. Core understanding of the workings of the Universe and being part of the flow of the eco-systems both macro and micro allow one to be free of the limitations of attachment to belief systems. What we do is Lead by Example, we Mentor those who request it, we Serve our fellow Vegetable, Mineral and Animal by being in alignment with the totality of the Kingdoms, and we Live our Truth by helping you to live yours. Authenticity is key. Personally, we live a blessed spiritual, vegan, organic, non-GMO and gluten-free lifestyle. Jorge and Rayna are Ordained Ministers and hold many certifications such as in Reiki, ThetaHealing® and practice various self-channeled modalities.

Our Crystals are hand selected with care to ensure the Energy is appropriate and of High Vibration, enough for our space and for yours. We focus on upliftment on the most local level, with a global affect. We hold in high regard the need for a loving and cooperative community without infringing on the ideas of others, without encroaching on the beliefs of others, where there is a healthy and abundant economy, people and environment that is unhindered, and that is cared for with deep understanding in a mutually beneficial way.

We invite you to visit The Crystal Closet often to explore our Selection, our Services, and yourself … to find clues to what answers, messages, memories and revelations you seek to recall and remember in your Lifetime. And to sit in our Crystal Sanctuary and have a grid created for a purpose or loved one therein, as a service we offer, please ask our staff.

The Crystal Closet
1.    indicating one as distinct from another: used to refer to one in particular of a number of things or people, identified as distinct from all others by the use of a modifier
2.    indicating generic class: used to refer to a person or thing considered generically or universally
3.    indicating shared experience: used to refer to objects and concepts associated with the shared experience of a culture, society, or community


1.    solid with repetitive internal structure: a solid containing an internal pattern of atoms, molecules, or ions that is regular, repeated, and geometrically arranged
2.    quartz: a clear colorless mineral, especially quartz
3.    piece of crystal: a piece of a mineral in crystal form


1.    storage place: a large cabinet or recessed area with a door, in which clothes or linens are stored
2.    small private room: a small private room
3.    secret: having beliefs or behaviors that are not openly acknowledged but kept secret


Decoding our Logo:

  • The Double Terminated Crystal: As seen in the Magician’s hand in the Tarot, this symbol represents “As above, so below”. The two Diamond shapes are also Cubes, very Sacred Shapes. With one turned and overlaid on the other, we have more Sacred Geometry. The Diamonds also embody the Pyramid and the Inverted Pyramid. There is more Sacred Geometry to discover in this Design if you care to uncover it.

  • The Silver Crescent Moons: The color and the directions are significant to Goddess Energy.

  • The Double C’s: One can see with their eyes, but one can also understand a concept. To see or to see… One means to look with the eye, the other means to “look here”, “see here”, “understand this”. The C’s also follow the directions of the Goddess Moons which show that we are looking and understanding and therefore perceiving with the third-eye (Clairvoyance), Second Sight (Double C) by accessing the Intuition (Left, Feminine Aspect) while looking at Physical World (Right, Masculine Aspect). Keep in mind the In-2-ition (intuition) is the seeming separation of Two which are Holistically Truly One within the Inner Realm and the Initiation into (in-2, Two become One) the path of Mastery of reUniting the True Oneness of All Energy.

  • The Color Purple: Psychic, Intuition, Clarity, The Amethyst, Sobering illusion, Protection and so much more…

  • We invite you to explore on your own the study of  Symbology throughout the unknown history of the world. We also offer guidance in this area of study.