This is who we are, in this increasingly intangible reality (what with the internet and all), we are a rare metaphysical entity with a physical address.

Located in a beautiful park like setting, in festive faerie-Tibetan-hybrid decor, in enchanted Mount Dora, is a place that came to us in a dream—Yes!  This actual location came to us in a dream (back while we were still in Sanford where we first started up in what was quite literally a crystal-themed closet).

Now we are quite perfectly a wellness center not too far from the famous theme parks and the east and west coast Florida beaches. Beautiful souls are invited to retreat to us right in the heart-center of the state.

Our story

Once upon a time we were searching and searching for a place like this. There was something we were craving and we patronized every spiritually-oriented place we found but realized we didn’t quite fit in.

As the saying goes “If you want something done right (the way you like it), you just have to do it yourself.” So we did. That was in 2010.


Realizing we could design our own sanctuary made us truly understand that life is what you create it to be. Really, what better way to self-develop is there, than to develop a place ourselves, where we can develop ourselves?

And just like all those places we didn’t fit in had lots of people who grew with them, we knew and trusted that our kindred spirits would find us too. And here you are! See? It worked! Like attracts like.

So our dream has aligned with your dream of a place that truly fits the energy of those special souls who are part of the evolution of the New Earth.

Is this you too?: Are you constantly evolving and upgrading like we are? Do you find yourself cleaning up your lifestyle and rearranging your space to meet the ever shifting and progressing energies of betterment, peace and justice?

You’re here, so you’re like us. You’re wanting to get a hold of your purpose and live it, removing your blocks, allowing success so you have radiant health in every category of mind, body and soul, in order that you can make the world a better place.

So our “about us” is actually about YOU too. We believe you’ve come to the right place, in the vastness of space, and there you have it. Here we are, here and now.

As a note in case you’re wondering, we’ve got a lot going on here from our shop with all the holistic and mystic wellness goodies, and of course healing crystals.

You have our special brand of intuitive readings and energywork, and mentorship.

You’ll enjoy classes, indoor and outdoor/ daytime and evening events and our (upcoming) vegan (mobile) cafe, and so much more including a place to get weekly organic produce.

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All that said, the best way to describe us is to actually experience us for yourself. You can say it best. Then you can tell others with an awesome, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 star review 😉 on Yelp, Google, Facebook, wherever, or good old fashioned word of mouth.

Let’s gather more kindred souls. That’s the point of all of this.

Come, be here, now. But don’t worry if you’re not local. We have you covered, keep reading, you won’t be left out.

“Come Evolve With Us.” That’s been our story since 2010 and we’re sticking to it.

And even if you happen to live far, far away you can..

In our newsletters is where we share, care and keep you in the loop with our online store spotlights, online classes, tips, guidance, insights and great vibes. Near or far we are here, and now.

Love, light and healing insights,

Rayna, Jorge & Ariadne (Founding Family)

..and The Crystal Crew

Natasha (Marketing & Crew)
Jess (Yoga Teacher & Crew)
Rico (Everyone’s lovable half black cat / half gargoyle / total mascot)

The Meaning of our Name

The Crystal Closet
1.    indicating one as distinct from another: used to refer to one in particular of a number of things or people, identified as distinct from all others by the use of a modifier
2.    indicating generic class: used to refer to a person or thing considered generically or universally
3.    indicating shared experience: used to refer to objects and concepts associated with the shared experience of a culture, society, or community


1.    solid with repetitive internal structure: a solid containing an internal pattern of atoms, molecules, or ions that is regular, repeated, and geometrically arranged
2.    quartz: a clear colorless mineral, especially quartz
3.    piece of crystal: a piece of a mineral in crystal form


1.    storage place: a large cabinet or recessed area with a door, in which clothes or linens are stored
2.    small private room: a small private room
3.    secret: having beliefs or behaviors that are not openly acknowledged but kept secret

Decoding our Logo

  • The Double Terminated Crystal: As seen in the Magician’s hand in the Tarot, this symbol represents “As above, so below”. The two Diamond shapes are also Cubes, very Sacred Shapes. With one turned and overlaid on the other, we have more Sacred Geometry. The Diamonds also embody the Pyramid and the Inverted Pyramid. There is more Sacred Geometry to discover in this Design if you care to uncover it.
  • The Silver Crescent Moons: The color and the directions are significant to Goddess Energy.
  • The Double C’s: One can see with their eyes, but one can also understand a concept. To see or to see… One means to look with the eye, the other means to “look here”, “see here”, “understand this”. The C’s also follow the directions of the Goddess Moons which show that we are looking and understanding and therefore perceiving with the third-eye (Clairvoyance), Second Sight (Double C) by accessing the Intuition (Left, Feminine Aspect) while looking at Physical World (Right, Masculine Aspect). Keep in mind the In-2-ition (intuition) is the seeming separation of Two which are Holistically Truly One within the Inner Realm and the Initiation into (in-2, Two become One) the path of Mastery of reUniting the True Oneness of All Energy.
  • The Color Purple: Psychic, Intuition, Clarity, The Amethyst, Sobering illusion, Protection and so much more…
  • We invite you to explore on your own the study of  Symbology throughout the unknown history of the world. We also offer guidance in this area of study.