Agate Meaning

Agate is a base, grounding stone that is also the basis for many other stones. In a way it’s energy is that of a base metal in Alchemy. Agates are akin to the Root Chakra of the Earth itself. Foundations can be built upon Agates, meaning emotional, mental and physical goals can be launched with the help of Agate stones when the stone is dedicated to the foundation of the project, goal or intention. In Crystal Grids, the Agate can anchor and become the base or foundation of the entire grid. If someone who is very connected to the Kingdom of Heaven (the spiritual realm), yet is unable to use Hematite or black stones for grounding due to repulsion, then Agates can be used for grounding because they are the foundation of the Heavenly Pillars, and therefore not heavy energetically as the other stones typically used to ground are. — Rayna Tamarin Angeleri Garcia, Owner of The Crystal Closet

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