The smiling faces you’ll see at The Crystal Closet have combined years and lifetimes of Integrative Holistic Practice. Practicing Holistic Integration is the “re-membering” or bringing into wholeness the Mental, Emotional, Physical, Energetic and Spiritual-Intuitive Aspects of Self. We are Teachers’ Teachers inspiring the skills of Self-Empowerment while supporting others in their own journey of Self-Discovery and in making life changes which result in a life full of vitality. Come in and meet The Crystal Closet Creators and staff.

“We are co-creators: creating hand-in-hand. We are co. creators: creating (a) good company together.” —Rayna & Jorge, Owners

Rayna Tamarin Angeleri Garcia, BFA., ORDM

Daughter of Flower Children (1947 & 1949), mother of a Starseed Rainbow-Platinum Child (2014), Rayna Garcia, and her maiden name Meditz, both mean Queen Bear. As a momma bear and queen, she gave up her origins in snowy New England for first the hauntings of Savannah, GA where the love story between her and Jorge began, and finally for sunny days on South Beach. Touring the psychic circuit from South Florida to Central Florida, setting up shop first in Sanford, and finally Mount Dora, Rayna is the original muse for The Crystal Closet and the visionary behind it. She creates the programs and uses her background in visual merchandising and TV production to create an aura at The Crystal Closet that expresses her dreams in a way that can be experienced by others. The Queen Bear is a compassionate vegan and keeps a cool kingdom complete with giant crystals, and plenty of moldavite. She is the creator of the Moldavite Attunement™ and has one of the largest personal collections. Ask her about her many personal experiences with the Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, interdimensional travelers, spiritual agents, faeries, how she has been the #1 reader on eBay and so envied that someone tried to steal her likeness just to sell a listing, how she has maintained 5 Stars on Keen, how she helps other center and shop owners as well as practitioners find the guidance they need, what it was like assisting royalty, working with large production companies, speaking in front of large audiences and hosting interviewing some of the biggest names and best sellers in the self-help and new age world. Oh, and ask her why she turned down a major record deal. See, a queen can manifest absolutely anything, and she can help you do the same, just be careful what you wish for, because with her help, you’re likely to get it. Meanwhile, as the world turns, or does it even, Rayna loves to craft, and her best customers are the local community, but it’s definitely an interstellar blast when Reality TV stars and a descendant of Pocahontas buy her creations. You can take her eCourses, or book Mentoring with her, Readings, or have her make you a magickal item, and check out her music and meditations.

As a Starseed Indigo Child (1981), she has always had a love-hate relationship with the way things are in this world. She is compelled and can only sleep at night if she has improved the life of someone, grown, and made a bit of difference each day.

“Starseed Indigo-Child, Mother of a Starseed Rainbow-Platinum Child, Spiritual Channel & International Psychics’ Psychic for Authors, Professionals, Lightworkers, Masters, Angels, Starseeds and Royalty. An Earth Angelic messenger of the Archangel Michael, and a Holistic Minister. A published Author and Music Artist.”

Rayna is at least a 3rd Generation Psychic-Intuitive Reader,  and the creator of the Moldavite Attunement™ and other Crystal Attunements. She is the visionary behind TCC and creates the Programs. Rayna is the original Muse for The Crystal Closet. She is a Recording Artist/Producer, an Author for our local Magazine, has been a Psychic Reader for Universal Studios Orlando, a Speaker & Intuitive Reader for The New Age Thinkers Group, a Past Life Reader for a popular Llewellyn Author, has Taught Classes at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, and has Coached, Counseled and Intuitively Guided other Metaphysical Center and Shop owners, as well as a Princess from India. She has been the #1 Reader on eBay and is ranked as a 5-Star Reader for She is Authoring several books, has Recorded her own Meditations, is an Artist hand-making much of what’s found at TCC which is purchased by incredible Souls, including a descendant of Pocahontas, Reality Show Stars and hand-selects all of the Crystals with Jorge, her husband.

Jorge L. Garcia III, BFA., ORDM, Shaman

Nephew of Lady Hawk Falcon, Jorge is a.k.a. GeoHawk. Jorge Garcia means Farmer Bear, but don’t you know the biggest farmers of all were kings because they farm everyone and everything and own the whole thing, in fact, the whole Plant Kingdom is a planetary farm? So wouldn’t you guess it, here we have King Bear. Born in Cali (1978), but moved to South Florida as a wee young babe, Jorge is a cool and warm guy. With a 4 year schooling in graphic design and baseball scholarship that landed him in the minors before and injury altered his path forever, in Savannah, GA, he met Rayna the cheerleader (secretly spiritual), future queen and mother of his princess. But Jorge was also ‘secretly spiritual’ because little did her know at the time, that his DNA would prove his lineage to trace back to the well-guarded grave of an Arawak Shaman and to his Taino roots (among other impressive blood). Once he admitted he was more than an athlete, a great singer, and hobbyist (he’s just good at everything he tries), he truly awakened his spiritual gifts. He’s a compassionate vegan and a very healthy guy; just look at those muscles. Now listen to his incredibly peaceful music, book a Reading or Energy Work, and let him tell you about the water he and his family drinks that changed their life and sent their energy into orbit. Ask Jorge for a sample and to schedule a demonstration for you.

Jorge is in touch with his true nature, and his feminine side, he rocks real rocks like a real man, and he makes a lot of his own jewelry. You should hear him play his own handcrafted flutes. He’s also daddy of the year, every day.

“Taino/Arawak Shaman, Starseed Indigo Child, Crystal & Sound Healer with the Archangel Raphael and Ariel, and a Holistic Minister.”

Jorge L Carcia III is a Shaman, Teacher & Meditation Facilitator here at TCC. He makes and plays the Native American Flute, and plays the Crystal Singing Bowls. He is also an Artist and Musician. Jorge is the male energy in The Crystal Closet and offers balance. He is multi-faceted and runs a lot of the behind-the-scenes operations as well as being a go-to-Guru to our client base in the Shop. Jorge is working with Rayna on an album of Meditative Native Flute Music. He is a talented Crafter, making much of the handmade Crafts found in TCC including his hand-crafted Shamanic Tools and Native Flutes which have been purchased by other Shamans and Natives. He hand-selects the Crystals found in TCC with Rayna, his wife.

Ariadne Tamarin Angeleri Garcia

Great Grandchild of a Root Warrior Matriarch figure (1913), Grandchild of two Flower Children, Daughter of Starseed Indigos, Ariadne Garcia, means Most Holy Bear, and ‘solver of the Labyrinth’. Like a fairytale, Ariadne was conceived on the night of her father’s birthday after a bonfire at The Crystal Closet. On this night, her mother and father were showered in gifts including a flute for her father and crystal jewelry and yellow bindi for her mother. On her due date (2014), with 20 minutes to spare, she was born at home in a warm water tub into a peaceful and serene bedroom, where she saw angels and guides, and still connected with them as the months went on. Wise beyond her time, Ariadne already welcomes and bids safe journies to our clients and customers as they come in and out of The Crystal Closet. The Heiress of The Crystal Closet and all its crystal treasure is her’s. She is already a peacemaker and an integrator of energies. She is compassionate and kind and melts the hearts of even the toughest-looking men, some she has brought to tears just at the sight of her. Watching this phenomenon repeat never gets redundant and is amazing to watch.

Ariadne has a love for flying things and things that move, Christmas lights, animals and plant-based food.

“Starseed Rainbow-Platinum Child, Taino/Arawak Child Shamaness, Heiress of The Crystal Closet and all its crystal treasure.”

We are excited to see who Ariadne will grow into!

Rico, House Cat

1/2 cat, 1/2 gargoyle, Rico is a natural healer and will jump in your lap if you let him, and will guard the property and protect it from anyone he doesn’t want around, including spirits and some dogs, so please carry your dog or watch out for Rico. He will keep you company as you shop or while you wait. Get that lap ready, because he gets paid in getting stroked.

Meow can I help you?

“Part black cat / part gargoyle, defender of the realm, lover of all things snuggly, organic and warm.”

Yes, he can come inside. Yes, he can go outside. If he rings his bell, don’t hesitate to open the door for him.