Agatized Coral Meaning

Agatized Coral is an extremely strong protection and cleansing stone. It is like a strong dose of seawater. The seasick feeling it can bring on is part of a purification process, however it can be somewhat uncomfortable like morning sickness. The stone is the official stone of Florida, which is a place of purification for Lightworkers. Working with the stone 7 times, or using 7 stones, can finish the cleansing and purification process that is needed for you at the time you are drawn to work with this stone. It can be the equivalent to dipping in seawater 7 times, or being baptized. The cleansing may inspire changing things in your life for the better and purging what no longer serves you. The initial repulsion one might feel is due to the seasick feeling that will pass with work, but it is worth the life changing effects of working with this stone to work through the initial feelings.

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