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Buying Crystals Do’s and Don’ts

In the market for buying crystals? Here are the Do’s and Don’ts that will set you out on the right foot. We get a lot of crystal beginners and sparkly newbies in the store asking how to select their crystals. While we absolutely love to help all of our customers and clients, new and loyal, …

Acceptance For A Better Personal Life

Six points of acceptance —your mission, should you choose to accept it. What is it about acceptance that really gets the ball rolling on the path to a happy life? Here are six points to consider. 1. Question yourself. Do you have the wisdom to accept the things you can change and the things you can’t change? …

Agatized Coral Meaning

Agatized Coral is an extremely strong protection and cleansing stone. It is like a strong dose of seawater. The seasick feeling it can bring on is part of a purification process, however it can be somewhat uncomfortable like morning sickness. The stone is the official stone of Florida, which is a place of purification for Lightworkers. Working with the stone 7 times, or using 7 stones, can finish the cleansing and purification process that is needed for you at the time you are drawn to work with this stone. It can be the equivalent to dipping in seawater 7 times, or being baptized. The cleansing may inspire changing things in your life for the better and purging what no longer serves you. The initial repulsion one might feel is due to the seasick feeling that will pass with work, but it is worth the life changing effects of working with this stone to work through the initial feelings.

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Readings at The Crystal Closet

Readings at The Crystal Closet can be booked by calling 407-878-2700 during business hours. Readings can be booked for appointment only days or during store hours when Reader is present. Walk-in’s welcomed during  store hours when Reader is present and available.

Agate Meaning

Agate is a base, grounding stone that is also the basis for many other stones. In a way it’s energy is that of a base metal in Alchemy. Agates are akin to the Root Chakra of the Earth itself. Foundations can be built upon Agates, meaning emotional, mental and physical goals can be launched with the help of Agate stones when the stone is dedicated to the foundation of the project, goal or intention. In Crystal Grids, the Agate can anchor and become the base or foundation of the entire grid. If someone who is very connected to the Kingdom of Heaven (the spiritual realm), yet is unable to use Hematite or black stones for grounding due to repulsion, then Agates can be used for grounding because they are the foundation of the Heavenly Pillars, and therefore not heavy energetically as the other stones typically used to ground are. — Rayna Tamarin Angeleri Garcia, Owner of The Crystal Closet

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Starseed Indigo Children & The Children of the Spinning Wheels, Complete List

Who are the Starseeds? The Indigo Children, Crystal Children, and Rainbow-Platinum Children? Are you one of us or something more? Who are the Indigo Children? Many have been writing, asking and wondering. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and not everything we’ve heard about Indigos is actually accurate. It’s not a mysterious thing, …