Starseed Indigo Children & The Children of the Spinning Wheels, Complete List

Who are the Starseeds? The Indigo Children, Crystal Children, and Rainbow-Platinum Children? Are you one of us or something more?

Who are the Indigo Children?

Many have been writing, asking and wondering. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and not everything we’ve heard about Indigos is actually accurate. It’s not a mysterious thing, well maybe a little. It’s certainly not about being more special, it’s a bit different if anything. Most people think that being an Indigo just means you’re psychic, but that is not the case. Indigos are psychic, but being psychic doesn’t imply someone is an Indigo. So if your child is gifted, psychic or otherwise mysteriously talented, she or he may be just that, but not an Indigo. Being an Indigo is not a choice made while you’re living, and it is not a club to gain access to or a path one can choose to take. Just like one can’t be a Gemini born in October, one can’t arbitrarily claim to be an Indigo from the wrong generation or out of choice. We are who we are, are it’s just who we are.

The following paragraph has been added newly for 2017: Everyone comes in with a different maturity level and your purpose. When you’re born in a royal bloodline, you’re a royal. When you are born with a significant spiritual maturity level, you’re level of matching and exemplifying the traits of the chakra under which you were born (as the earth’s body cycles through her chakras like every other body), you can call yourself an Indigo, for example, or a different Chakra Child. This is ver much like astrology if your sign was not yours unless you had reached a certain spiritual maturity level, and didn’t apply to everyone no matter that they were born in the same month (Western) or year (Chinese).

How do we know this?

I’m a Starseed Indigo myself and I have come knowing this information from birth. It simply is part of my inner wisdom and other than claiming it to be Channeling, it is more than that, it is an innate knowing, in detail, a download that I am uploading here for you. I and my husband own The Crystal Closet and we would be happy to help anyone to learn more about this generation. As I am an Indigo Child myself, I meet a lot of people who don’t know what it means and that’s ok. When an Indigo meets another Indigo, there is an immediate connection, a memory of that person, and it is like an unspoken code or handshake, the energy is undeniable. Same with other Chakra Children. When I meet a Crystal Child, they are magnetized to me as an Indigo. When the Crystal Children were younger, they would have less social skills or “manners” and sometimes physically latch on to me as though they were my kids. Indigos and Crystals can pick each other out of a crowd at a stadium.

Clarity of any Confusion:

Unfortunately, the Indigo term is thrown around a lot with a lot of misunderstanding. Indigos are born in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Indigos turned at least 30 years old (or in their 30’s) in the year 2012, in order to have had our Saturn Return by the dawn of the Vedic Bronze Age (our orbit around the Central Sun, not our Sun), and when the Sun entered into its Spring season. This sets us up as the new adult generation able to make strong changes in the world, politics, government and in the mentality and spirituality of humanity and the planet.

Are you an Indigo?

If you are in this age group, it is possible you would be an Indigo, but not everyone is. Normally you just know if you are, same as being a boy or girl, or any astrology sign. There are many other “Chakra” Children one might be. The term “Children” relates to us all being children of the Earth, so there are “Children” who are not children anymore. It depends on your birth decade and if your Soul has come with the particular mission and gifts and challenges associated with the Chakra Generation (or Revolution) one is born under. Unlike astrology, everyone born in the same time frame is not a Chakra Child. So two people born in 1981, are not both automatically Indigo although they were both born while the Earth was cycling through her Third-Eye/Brow (Indigo) Chakra. This is because it is a mission, a Soul purpose or job, a life purpose, a Soul’s identity or origin. Some people are simply gifted intuitively and are not Chakra children at all, they were born with another purpose and their Soul is of other origin, prior to their birth in this lifetime.

Or, maybe you’re a Crystal, Flower, or…?

Crystal Children are now in their late teens and early 20’s, Flower Children are in their 60’s & 70’s, Rainbow / Platinum Children are being born now in and around 2014. There are children for every one of the 7 main Chakras of the Earth’s body, as She is a living organism, and when we are born onto her, like our own mother, She has Chakras. As She orbits She cycles through Her Chakra system, in revolutions, just like Astrological Signs. The Rainbow/Platinum Children are the Rainbow Bridge between the Crystal Children (Crown Chakra) back to the Ruby’s, then the Ruby Children (Root Chakra) will be born, they are the first and the last while they will be born and their elder Ruby Children would have just been dying off the planet (given that the elder Ruby’s live to a ripe old 100 years of age). This is why everyone is going back to nature, back to their “Roots”, growing organic gardens and food, and caring about the Earth and nature, because the Ruby or Root Children are coming again. Because the Earth is going to start hew cycle over again. It’s time for a Revolution! It’s never ending.

Come Evolve with Us!
You can’t help but Revolve with us too!

The next New Children:

There are many precursors to the next generations in the Media, for example, all of the vampire obsessions are leading up to the Ruby (Root) Children…Ruby refers to The Blood or the Life Force/Source of all living things and Red Dawn refers to the origin of the life force, of course the movie dealt with a time period idea concerning survival which is a Root Chakra aspect. Agent Orange happened near and around the Flower Children’s youth who are the Sacral Chakra Children, because these Chakra cycles are the secrets known to the Elites. They use Astrology, Chakras, Numerology and the Fool’s Journey of the Tarot, and all Esoteric knowledge, through subliminal marketing in the Media and Entertainment Industry to program and prepare the public. Sometimes for the best, and sometimes for darker manipulative reasons.  Remember the Wizard of OZ and the Emerald City that was at the end of the Yellow Brick Road? These are clues for the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, and the power trip down the Road Less Followed, until Dorothy returned to her Heart Center and overcame the corporate illusion, and these represent the generations of the Heart and Golden Children.

List of Terms:
(Years of age, as of 2014)

Ruby Children: The Root Children, Children of the Dawn, the Blood Children or ” of the Blood, color RED. Dying off in their 90’s and 100’s. Will be born again as the children of the Crystal Children’s generation. These adults and children embody the challenges and the gifts of the Root Chakra. They will be the main generation of the New Children in another decade or so. The elder Ruby or Root Children were born in the early 1930’s. Huge changes in agriculture happen during this generation. Luckily, as life is always an upward spiral, this time around, the New Ruby Children will be born in the next decade and will again revolutionize natural resources and agricultural practices. These Children are the Body of ‘Mind, Body and Soul’. This in Tarot is the beginning of the Fool and his or her journey as well as The World card. And this is when the lotus is peeking through the mud, like the Kundalini will eventually reach the sky above the water when the Crystal Children arrive, and will reflect on its journey in intro and retrospective revelation and integration upon the arrival of the Rainbow/Platinum Children. The challenge Chakra to balance is the Crown Chakra. They are opposite the Crystal Children. The Foundation Chakra to heal or pay extra attention to in this lifetime is the Crown Chakra. Living elder Ruby / Root Children simply do not understand today’s Crystal Children who to them look like an alien, they are impressed or put off by these Children. The Attainment Chakra to transition to in this lifetime is the Sacral Chakra. Ruby Medicine Spinning Wheel: It will take 7 generations to reach back to our roots, an 8th generation to integrate all that has happened along the way, so be the change you wish for your great grandchildren to see in the world.

Flower Children: The Sacral Chakra Children, color ORANGE. These children were in their young prime in the 1960’s making huge waves and changes. They wore flowers in their hair, subconsciously representing the Lotus Flower, which is the symbol for a given Chakra with petals added for each Chakra until the Crown Chakra of 1000 petals. So the symbolism is the flowering womb. Their sex, drugs and rock and role, and the free love planted the Seed of change. Their children are the Indigo Children. The Flower they planted bloomed into an Indigo Child. Hence the term Starseed. The Seed is what is planted. Reaping the desire of the Sacral Chakra to the Vision of Change manifest through the Third-Eye/Brow Chakra, sown as the generation of Indigo Children. Keep in mind that Chakra Children have Chakra Children typically, however it’s not always the case that a Starseed will be born to a parent born in the mid-late 1940’s. The parent would need to have been a Flower Child, the gardener who planted their Seed. The challenge Chakra to balance is the Third-Eye/Brow Chakra. Flower Children are opposite the Indigo Children.The Foundation Chakra to heal or pay extra attention to in this lifetime is the Root Chakra. The Attainment Chakra to transition to in this lifetime is the Solar Plexus Chakra. Flower Power Medicine Spinning Wheel: Balance non-attachment with material success in your lifetime, you might be called a Yuppie, but as long as you are balanced, you can have it all: peace, love and security.

Golden Children: The Solar Plexus Children, color YELLOW, also known as Children of the Sun. These Children are born into a generation that is all about power, control and masculine energy. These Children deal with all aspects positive and negative of the Solar Plexus Chakra. They can be amazing or manipulative. Relationship challenges with themselves and others do happen. The world goes through many changes during this generation. Not all positive, but it’s still on an upswing. Power struggles and human rights issues are amplified. These Children were born in the late 1950’s. These Children have a tendency to join groups, clubs or packs of like minds, and not always good groups with good intentions. The challenge Chakra to balance is the Throat Chakra, the Golden Children are opposite the Sapphire Children. The Foundation Chakra to heal or pay extra attention to in this lifetime is the Sacral Chakra. The Attainment Chakra to transition to in this lifetime is the Heart Chakra. Golden Medicine Spinning Wheel: All that glitters isn’t always gold; take time to make relationships deeper and your success will find growth through a positive relationship network.

Heart Children: These Children are love powered, color GREEN, also known as the Emerald Children. Sometimes they feel that everything should just fall into place, bartering should overtake the monetary system and similar to the Flower children, they just want the world to revolve around love. Many of these Children feel they were born in the wrong decade and should have been born Flower Children. Heart Children can be envious and become stuck, express enormous levels of empathy and become easily emotional. The key is to balance the Heart Center. Many Heart Children seem to have become starving artists. So balance will help them fulfill their life purpose, and retire comfortably.These Children were born in the 1960’s. Children are the Mind of ‘Mind, Body and Soul’. The challenge Chakra to balance is the Heart Chakra with the light of the Solar Plexus. The light, if balanced correctly will enlighten the load the Heart Children bear. Once this upliftment takes place, they will be able to resonate higher to align with the Mediumistic Throat Chakra, this blend brings them into alignment with the High Heart Chakra. At this time they will be able to fulfill their potential without jealousy, uncontrollable empathy or resentment for the systems in place in the world, and they will rise above. The Heart Chakra does not oppose any other Chakra, but itself. The Foundation Chakra to heal or pay extra attention to in this lifetime is the Solar Plexus. The Attainment Chakra to transition to in this lifetime is the High Heart Chakra. Heart Medicine Spinning Wheel: You are special, just like everyone else. Take back your power and become whole.

Sapphire Children: These Children are Messengers, Channelers and Mediums, color BLUE. These children who were born in the 1970’s are very gifted at gab, and can’t always turn off their guides when it’s time to get back to physical reality. They spend a lot of time in inner dialog, and they can hear many clairaudient messages while trying to have a physical conversation. They can appear scattered and not paying attention when they have so many speaking to them at once. If unbalanced, they can become overwhelmed and feel like they either have to tell someone everything as it comes through, when asked or not, or they may go to the other extreme and shut down, blocking their gifts. The Chakra to balance is the Heart Chakra. The Sapphire Children are opposite the Golden Children. The Foundation Chakra to heal or pay extra attention to in this lifetime is the Heart Chakra. The Attainment Chakra to transition to in this lifetime is the Third-eye/Brow Chakra. Sapphire Medicine Spinning Wheel: It’s okay to hold back when too much is coming through. Everyone else is not entirely your responsibility. Take a breath.

Indigo Children: The Psychic Visionaries, Mystics and fierce Spiritual Warriors, color PURPLE/INDIGO. These Children we’ve covered above in the intro. Furthermore, these Children were born in the later 1970’s/early 1980’s so they could be in their 30’s by the year 2012, as mentioned previously. Indigos have 5th dimensional understanding and because they can see into others, they can also understand 6th dimensional being as well as see the rest of the the Chakra Children’s gifts and challenges, understanding the mechanics behind them and can tell them what to do about it. Indigos are leaders, but also allow partners who are also Indigos, to work hand in hand, while remaining strong individuals. The Indigos are geniuses, and have a very large vocabulary at a very early age, even creating elaborate stories which they can either draw and/or visualize as clear as day, and the themes are usually in the fantasy or mystical genres. They may be diagnosed with ADD but are really they misdiagnosed. The Chakra to balance is the Sacral Chakra. The Indigo Children are opposite the Flower Children. The Foundation Chakra to heal or pay extra attention to in this lifetime is the Throat Chakra. The Attainment Chakra to transition to in this lifetime is the Crown Chakra. Indigo Medicine Spinning Wheel: Speak the Truth that you innately see, even if it seems to burst someone’s bubble, as bubbles are personal prisons; with your mighty Sword set everyone free and hack the way for a gentler generation who embody the Spirit you are paving the way for. You are the way, and the way makers.

Crystal Children: The Christ’ed Children, also known as the Children of the Christ Consciousness. Born in the late 1990’s and especially the year 2000 and shortly after, these Children are the crystallized energy of the Christ Mind. Coming from an understanding of 6th dimensional consciousness, still they may have been born into Christian families who they later rejected the religion of, in favor of more open minded ways of interpreting the teachings of the great Lords and Masters such as Jesus and Buddha. A memory booster of their Christ-like origin, these families mention Jesus enough that their memories are jogged so at some point the Children will remember what they came to do. They feel the religions centered around Jesus, have him pegged all wrong. Crystal Children are slow to start taking and their parent may have wondered if their is something wrong. The may be thought to be Autistic, but usually are not, they are just very sensitive in every way, but physically they are strong. Typically these Children have come through with a crystalline complexion. Blonde and blue eyes, pale skin or even black skin, but still with blue eyes. Although the complexion may not always be the same. The Chakra to balance is the Root Chakra. The Crystal Children are opposite the Ruby/Root Children. The Foundation Chakra to heal or pay extra attention to in this lifetime is the Third-Eye/Brow Chakra. The Attainment Chakra to transition to in this lifetime is the Soul Star Chakra. Crystal Medicine Spinning Wheel: You care more, and see more than people realize, and you’re here to assist them. Those that want to understand the Crystal Matrix of reality might come to you, because you’re approachable, but on the other hand they are intimidated by your bright light. Shine on, and purify the planet with your love and light.

Rainbow-Platinum Children: These are the Children of the Indigo Children. They are being born now. It is said that they have not lived on Earth before and have no karma, no karmic debt. The Indigo Children have a hard time deciding to have children because they don’t want to force someone to come through who might get trapped in the Web of Existence on the Wheel of Karma. We think, who are we to disturb these pure and old-new Souls to bring them here at a time like this. But the world doesn’t stop turning, so the cycle continues. These Children are the Rainbow Bridge between the Crown Chakra and the Root Chakra and all of our lives flashing before our eyes as the planet goes through a massive growth spurt as She spirals upward into Her next phase of existence, a New Earth. These Children are the liaison, go-between and Mediator of this transitional time. They are highly gifted, know a bit of everyone’s journey as they are the integrative element. They are the feedback loop, the infinite figure ‘8’, and the 8th generation which is the reflective journey back out of the Labyrinth of Life, back to the Tarot’s World card, the Ruby/Root Children’s realm of the Root Chakra. Because they have no karma, they don’t have a particular Chakra to balance, and so staying balanced and pure over all in the name of the game. Their challenge is to link the Crown back to the Root, and revisit and reveal all the things we have learned as the Earth’s Kundalini rose over the past 7 generations. The two Chakras that link the Holy Figure 8 are the Soul Star Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra, and these two Chakras are the linked ‘As Above, So Below’. Rainbow-Platinum Medicine Spinning Wheel: You are the Platinum Silver Chord of the Goddess’ descent back out into the world from Her place in the Crown of Heaven, the link that tethers the Astral Projecting Spirit back to the Body, and in doing so you ensure resurrection of the Phoenix and the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness back to Earth. A fallen Angel you are not, but an Angel choosing to descend at this time to assist in the transformation of the planet, the rebirth of the Phoenix, and to integrate the entire array of the Rainbow Chakra Spectrum of light and sound.

Terms such as Indigo Transitioning to Crystal:

Due to the Law of Polarity, Chakra Children may slide along the Chakra scale, rising and falling to take on the traits of another generation as needed, situationally. However, they will always resettle back to their birth Chakra, should they rest for a moment and not deliberately attempt to embody a different Chakra Child’s traits.


The information I have been waiting for has arrived with the Trumpet. (Lo! The Trump prophecy has washed in new information in a stream of consciousness for our author.) Here outlines the new inspired information:

Why this is not like other Astrologies:

Although charting one’s “Chakra Sign” is as easy as it is with Astrology, there is a glaring difference, in that not everyone born in the same age is an Indigo, for example. An Indigo may have been in school at the right age with many peers, yet none who were also Indigos. With Eastern Astrology everyone in the given year is the animal and element. With Western Astrology everyone born in the range of the month is the same Sun Sign. And while being born in the same decade under the same chakra revolution, not everyone is an Indigo born during the age of Indigo, for example. This is due to levels of spiritual maturity and therefore life mission and purpose. Not everyone is destined for the same thing. This makes no one more special than another, it’s akin to having a differing occupation. One selected prior to birth. I imagine, just as one Indigo, for example, can “transition” to Crystal, so might an individual who is not an Indigo at birth, yet is born during the age of Indigo, transition to Indigo by means of “awakening” and reaching a particular level of spiritual maturity within their lifetime. Anyone has the potential for greatness, and enlightnement, so I do not see why not.

Starseeds vs. Serpentseeds:

The opposite of a Starseed (one who is the upright fruitbearer and therefore need no be tempted by the sweet temptations of life) is the Serpentseed (one who is more or less the “weed” in the garden, the temptation, the demise and the belly crawlers looking along the earth for pleasure and never the peace above). There are not just two kinds of seeds and no one else. These are the two groups who are present during this time on earth. Everyone else is neither nor. They are the bi-standers on stand-by, in other words they are on default, not on the front lines and doing other things in this life. Starseeds and Serpentseeds are deliberate in their opposite approaches to life. And like any sneak, the Serpentseed may try to imitate a Starseed in order to “Trojan Horse” their personal or global agenda. We have witnessed this many times.

From her forthcoming book and courses, as uploaded via inner awareness, by Starseed Indigo Child, Owner of The Crystal Closet, Rayna Tamarin Angeleri Garcia. For Classes on this Subject and Related Subjects, Charts & Readings by Rayna, especially focused on this Subject please contact us for an appointment. Enjoy Rayna’s demo Indigo music tracks and guided meditations with a message here.

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